Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Republicans Mean When They Say . . .

Taxes:  see ‘stealing’

Immigration: see ‘invasion’

Gay marriage: see ‘Book of Revelations’

Inequality: see 'Where?'

Moderate: see 'wuss' (urban dictionary).

Torture: see 'Where?'

The Dream Act: see 'Dreaming'

Women’s Reproductive Rights: see N/A

Climate Change: see Partly Cloudy With Chance of Rain.

UN: see Takeover

Takeover: see UN

Corporate Takeover: see Prosperity

The Right to Bear Arms: see 'immigration' above.

Budget: see 'tax shelter'

Fiscal Conservative: see 'Swiss Bank Account'

Deficit: see 'Public Employees'

Social Conscience: see 'The Dream Act'

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